Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cove Gaurdians Go Home!!!

so yeah, recently the face book page (cove guardians go home!)  has been noticed, it had 101 likes when i saw it last but i think most of them are activists posting messages on the wall saying well here's a quote 
'Sooo...this page must have been made to enrage all the kind people concerned about dolphins and good job, now they are just going to try harder. At least they are doing something for a positive change. this is truely infantile at best. i cant wait until FB shuts this visual pollution down.'
A lot of the stuff they post is wrong and they just make themselves look ,well stupid. 

Ive reported this page many a time but they just laugh. so i don't post on their anymore i watch and look for more information about the cove because to be honest i know more from this page about what happened in taiji last year than i did from the news feed and even if it is bad stuff ( its not) its also funny to read about them justifying the dolphin slaughter.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Typhoon strikes Taiji.

so today sucked, the japanese left the dolphins ( caught last season) in their pens whilst the typhoon struck taiji and the dolphins drowned slowly in their nets. even after hundreds maybe even thousands of activists begged japan to release them the alleged 14 dolphins died. unfortunately no one from taiji has confirmed the number so we are still unsure of the exact number of dolphin deaths.

If a typhoon were to hit a human in a cage it would be outragous, it is sick and cruel what they did. 

what i am saddened most to see though is the facebook comments made by my fellow activists today, some say how we should go to war with japan, or how the typhoon should have  out the entire village of taiji off the face of the planet, i think the worst ive seen is 'I am not in the least bit sorry for the earthquake there.. far more of them should be stopping this bullshit!' now that i think is just sick and cruel, i could understand if all this hate was directed at the goverment of japan or the fishermen ( who may i add do not actually catch fish) but not the rest of japan, these activists are blinded by what they hear and not what they see. 

since i am going to taiji later this year i brought out my dolphin book,  this is where i keep all the information on dolphins in taiji or in captivity and i must admit it took me a while ( 1 hour) to organize it as the last time i used it was 3 months ago in school and i rushed to pack it away so it was a jumbeled mess. but it holds a lot more information that i thought it did so my mind is all refreshed for japan.

Friday, 2 September 2011

So the Slaughter Begins

Yesterday was september 1st, the day the slaughter in Taiji begins.

1 year ago I Watched ‘The Cove’ and since then I have become an activist for the cetaceans, last year I wanted to go to Taiji but it was too expensive for me to go as well as my family, but this year I am going too, so I am starting this blog today.

I wish I could have started this blog yesterday but I was in London marching with others to the Japanese embassy to demonstrate. We live in Manchester so we had to leave our home at 4am and we only returned at 11pm because of traffic. Luckily I wasn’t driving so I got to sleep my dad (john legg) wasn’t as lucky.
Yesterday was a success, we stayed from the beginning to the end and ‘London for cetaceans’ were amazing! They brought a petition to be given to the ambassador Mr Keiichi Hayashi. As we chanted we saw him peeking out of the window, but unfortunately I could not get a clear picture of him. Our chants consisted of

‘Shame, shame, shame on you’ and ‘No capture, no slaughter’, after those we made a lot of noise.

This year I plan to go to Taiji in early October to blog the dolphin slaughter and let the world know what is happening as a cove guardian for sea shepherd. It will be blogged on this site and my face book account (get educated legg).