Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cove Gaurdians Go Home!!!

so yeah, recently the face book page (cove guardians go home!)  has been noticed, it had 101 likes when i saw it last but i think most of them are activists posting messages on the wall saying well here's a quote 
'Sooo...this page must have been made to enrage all the kind people concerned about dolphins and good job, now they are just going to try harder. At least they are doing something for a positive change. this is truely infantile at best. i cant wait until FB shuts this visual pollution down.'
A lot of the stuff they post is wrong and they just make themselves look ,well stupid. 

Ive reported this page many a time but they just laugh. so i don't post on their anymore i watch and look for more information about the cove because to be honest i know more from this page about what happened in taiji last year than i did from the news feed and even if it is bad stuff ( its not) its also funny to read about them justifying the dolphin slaughter.

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