Saturday, 3 September 2011

Typhoon strikes Taiji.

so today sucked, the japanese left the dolphins ( caught last season) in their pens whilst the typhoon struck taiji and the dolphins drowned slowly in their nets. even after hundreds maybe even thousands of activists begged japan to release them the alleged 14 dolphins died. unfortunately no one from taiji has confirmed the number so we are still unsure of the exact number of dolphin deaths.

If a typhoon were to hit a human in a cage it would be outragous, it is sick and cruel what they did. 

what i am saddened most to see though is the facebook comments made by my fellow activists today, some say how we should go to war with japan, or how the typhoon should have  out the entire village of taiji off the face of the planet, i think the worst ive seen is 'I am not in the least bit sorry for the earthquake there.. far more of them should be stopping this bullshit!' now that i think is just sick and cruel, i could understand if all this hate was directed at the goverment of japan or the fishermen ( who may i add do not actually catch fish) but not the rest of japan, these activists are blinded by what they hear and not what they see. 

since i am going to taiji later this year i brought out my dolphin book,  this is where i keep all the information on dolphins in taiji or in captivity and i must admit it took me a while ( 1 hour) to organize it as the last time i used it was 3 months ago in school and i rushed to pack it away so it was a jumbeled mess. but it holds a lot more information that i thought it did so my mind is all refreshed for japan.

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