Friday, 2 September 2011

So the Slaughter Begins

Yesterday was september 1st, the day the slaughter in Taiji begins.

1 year ago I Watched ‘The Cove’ and since then I have become an activist for the cetaceans, last year I wanted to go to Taiji but it was too expensive for me to go as well as my family, but this year I am going too, so I am starting this blog today.

I wish I could have started this blog yesterday but I was in London marching with others to the Japanese embassy to demonstrate. We live in Manchester so we had to leave our home at 4am and we only returned at 11pm because of traffic. Luckily I wasn’t driving so I got to sleep my dad (john legg) wasn’t as lucky.
Yesterday was a success, we stayed from the beginning to the end and ‘London for cetaceans’ were amazing! They brought a petition to be given to the ambassador Mr Keiichi Hayashi. As we chanted we saw him peeking out of the window, but unfortunately I could not get a clear picture of him. Our chants consisted of

‘Shame, shame, shame on you’ and ‘No capture, no slaughter’, after those we made a lot of noise.

This year I plan to go to Taiji in early October to blog the dolphin slaughter and let the world know what is happening as a cove guardian for sea shepherd. It will be blogged on this site and my face book account (get educated legg).

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